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January 19, 2020

Fast SEO Plans, Fort Collins SEO, Northern Colorado SEO Service

Proof that Fast SEO Plans’ services are second to none in northern Colorado

The “SEO Service Proof” category will be a documented proof of how fast a website can rank with moderate campaigning. Above in the snippet, you can see the purchase of the domain name was purchased on January 15, 2020.  I worked on the website using an online design platform in my spare time and published it on January 18, 2020.

The purpose of this post will be to show a proof of concept to show how powerful a quality SEO campaign can be at increasing your website’s search ranking at break-neck speed.  

When one first launches a new site, it can be frustrating when you don’t have any traffic.  Your website could contain the best value creating information in the world.  It’s all for nothing if your customers can’t find you.  In order to tell the world that your site exists, you need a well thought out optimization plan to help potential customers find it.

Fast SEO Plans- SEO Service Proof Subject

Fast SEO Plans Google Search 1-19-20

In this project, I’m using my own website, Fast SEO Plans as the target site.  If one were to search Google for Fast SEO Plans in northern Colorado, then it would rank #1 on Google.  The problem is, nobody searches for a company’s name unless they saw a flyer, word of mouth or vehicle graphics.  People search in phrases like “SEO services in northern Colorado”, “SEO services”, “SEO company”, and “Fort Collins SEO”.

Searching “fast SEO plans northern Colorado”, we find that in fact my website is in the #1 search spot for Google and “fast seo plans Fort Collins” turns out to be in the #3 spot.

These search results are fine if someone already knows of the company.  If we search a phrase such as “SEO in northern Colorado”, we find a different story that isn’t conducive to bringing customers to our doors.  When we look at the search results, we find that our site isn’t on the first page of Google at all.

Why a solid SEO plan is important!

Considering that the websites that are on the first page of the major search engines get roughly 90% of the organic traffic, we see that our site will likely get little to no organic traffic.  Getting your site on the first page just says you’re pretty good.  Unfortunately, your site needs to be in the top 3 positions in the rankings to have a decent shot at drawing in potential customers.

Remember, the top 3 positions will garner 60% of the clicks.  10% will click on the Google ads.  That leaves the other 7 fighting for the left-over scraps of the estimated 20%.  That’s not very good odds or traffic and traffic is potential customers and that is where the money comes from.

The numbers just prove why a business must have a solid SEO plan to dominate their niche in their perspective geographical location. 

I’ll keep updating this post as time moves on to show how quick one can get their site in the top rankings of the searches.  You can follow along to watch our rankings improve.




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I guess you could call me a husband, a father, an oil man, an entrepreneur and a Florida Gator fan. On the side, I’m just a regular guy that likes dominating the search engines rankings through smart SEO tactics.

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