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Why you need an SEO analysis-

Understanding why your website isn’t ranking for your desired keywords is critical to improving your site’s ranking.  Performing an SEO analysis is an excellent way to learn what improvements you can make to your site to increase it’s visibility to customers.

Our free analysis tool looks at your site’s basic performance with the search engines. How your site looks to your audience is important but, the structure of your site is what the big G looks at.  If it doesn’t look good to Big G then your audience won’t find it.

5 SEO measurements-

  1. 1
    SEO Performance (search engine optimization structure)
  2. 2
    Usability (user interface)
  3. 3
    Website Performance (speed)
  4. 4
    Social Measure (social media metrics)
  5. 5
    Website Security

SEO performance section looks at the title tag, keywords, meta description and tag structures of your website.  It looks at images, back links, urls, broken links and your on page structure.  Each subsection gives a list of recommendations to improve your SEO.

The usability section looks at how responsive your website is on various devices and calculates how friendly your site is for the user.  It also gives a list of recommendations to improve on

The website performance section looks at your hosting server’s response time.  It looks at your page’s scripts, file size and how many http requests are required.  The analysis tool provides an overall website load time and recommendations to improve your website speed.

The social measure section looks at your social media presence and if your website is linked.  It looks at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, to see if your website is linked to your social media profiles and user activity.  Social media improvements are given to improve your score.

Lastly, the SEO analysis tool looks at your website’s security.  It knows the big G likes all websites to have an SSL so it looks at the certificate.  It looks at your malware, spam and virus protection software.  These are generally provided by your hosting provider.  It also looks at your text to see if you have emails in plain text which could lead to spam. 

Try our analysis to to see what improvements are needed to help your website ranking.  It’s free and I promise I won’t send you junk to your inbox that wastes your time and mine.  I hope you find this useful.

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