How Important Is Search Engine Positioning?

How Important Is Search Engine Positioning?

By fastseoplans

May 11, 2020

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First Page Positioning Click Thru Rate

How Search Engine Positioning Impacts Your Bottom Line.

Search engine positioning directly affects your site's ability to reach your audience. Without an audience, your irresistible offer will never be seen.

For example, the world has been looking for Jimmy Hoffa since '75.  It's probably due to him being on the second page of Google.  I'm only joking in this reference, however, your business will be like Hoffa, if not ranked in the first page.

Hoffa can't let us know where he is because he's presumed dead.  On the other hand, you can help your business be found through smart marketing strategies. 

There are customers, ready to buy, that are searching for your product. Unfortunately, society as a whole is very impatient and lazy at best.

In fact, 75% of users that perform a search never go to page two of Google. Furthermore, the top 5 organic search results get roughly 67% of the clicks.

An analysis done by Backlinko shows the top three spots get 75% of the clicks on Google.  

So, where does that leave the rest of the rest of page one and beyond?  With that being said, let's dive further in to the first page.    

Search Engine Placement- The Above The Fold

The top or "above the fold" refers to the search results viewable on the screen. These tops spots are often ads.  Then again, there may not be any ads displayed, depending on the search term. 

The coveted number one position appears next.  With #1 getting 30-40% CTR, it's easy to see why it's highly sought after.

Next, Google may show related searches to help users.  For this reason, you should consider the titles of your posts.  Titles with a question get 10-15% CTR than no-questioned title.

The number of displayed ads will determine the number of organic search results displayed.  The top 3 places normally appear on the top.

Search Engine Positioning

How Being Ranked In The Top Affects Your Bottom Line:

As a result, you must be in the top section to have a chance.  Without organic search traffic, you will need to buy ads.  Ads cost money.

Secondly, only 6% of users click ads on page one.  You might however, purchase ads if your niche is competitive. 

Thirdly, SEO is designed to limit the amount spent for ad purchasing.  If your SEO is good, you will start to earn free traffic verses paid.

Consider that the #1 spot earns 30-40% of the clicks.  As an example, let's say 8,000 users search per month.  Let's say #1 gets 35% equaling 2,800 clicks.  #1 also has a current conversion rate of 2% with good copy-write. They are selling a $100 product.  #1 sales 56 products for $5,600.

Let's assume #2 has the same product and conversion rate.  The only difference being, #2 gets 16% of the clicks.  Total sales for #2 equal 26 products for a $2,600 in sales.

As you go down the list, it only gets worse.   

Search Engine Placement- The Scraps

Look, I'm not saying the left over spots on page 1 are bad.  It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to reach the first page of the SERPs.  You should be proud to be on page 1.  You're doing better than 430+ million other results for our example search.

Looking at the 4-10 spots, the click curve starts to mellow out at #7.  In fact, 8-10 are in a dead heat at 3%.

2nd Section Search Engine Positioning

The Search Engine Positioning Scraps Still Pay; Just Not As Much:

As a consequence of being lower in the page, #8-10 will have significantly lower profits.  For instance, they will have 5 sales at $500 if we assume the 2% conversion and the same $100 product.  

How Many Clicks Does Page 2 & Beyond Get On Google?

Google displayed 430 million results for this search.  If the first page gets 96% of the clicks, then the rest fight for 320 clicks.  

It's worse than scraps.  It's digital traffic starvation.

For the most part, the rich get richer, and the rest get lost in the digital abyss. To clarify, Google ranks sites higher by their click through rate.  Thus, the number one spot gets the higher click through rate resulting in a higher page rank.

For this reason, it's considerably harder to move up from #2 to #1 than it would be to move from #10 to #9.

The Rest Of Page One On Google?

Ads appear after the number 10 spot.  Google displays related search data after the ads.

TIP: Google is helping you with the related search data.  You can use this data to develop your keyword lists and strategies.

Bottom Of Google's Page 1

Search Engine Positioning Ads:

Getting to page one ranking generally takes time.  If you are wanting instant results, you could buy Google ads.  Keep in mind that roughly only 6-7% of users click on the ads.  

If you don't have a robust marketing plan and your SEO is in it's infancy, then ads may be your best option.  I would make sure your landing page is optimized for maximum conversion before spending money on ads.

Let's face it; it sucks to pay money for nothing, when you can get your clicks for free.  If your pages aren't optimized, it'll all be for nothing.  Seriously. 

Final Thoughts On Search Engine Positioning:

To conclude, search engine placement makes a huge impact on your site's ability to be found.  As a result, your site will struggle to rake in the profits it deserves.

Definitely, don't get discouraged.  Getting your site ranking on the first page of the search engines takes time.  The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities for your site to get there.

You can get to the top through on page SEO, savvy keyword research and quality content production.  Quality back link campaigns will greatly improve your site's domain and page authority.

Obviously, there are tons of ways to improve your page ranking.  In the next post, I'll be answering the question of, "Is Your Site Worth Traffic?"    

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