Is Your Site Worth Traffic?

By fastseoplans

May 15, 2020

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Site Worth Traffic Balance

How much is your site traffic worth?

Before you answer that, ask yourself this. Is your site worth traffic?  I'm not talking about how much your site is worth due to traffic.

Your site's value is important.  However, I'm asking if your site deserves to receive quality targeted traffic?  To clarify, are you doing everything right to deserve visitors to your site?

If you are getting quality visitors, then your site's overall worth will increase.  These two are directly tied together.

On the other hand, if you're not getting as many visitors, then it might be time to look at areas to improve.  I've put together a few checklist items you can look at.  It's not all inclusive but is a good starting point.

As for the value in relation to traffic, I checked this website's worth at the time of this post.  At this time, this site is currently 3 months old and currently only has 4 posts.  Nonetheless, it's still not worth much by any means.  No excuses here.  Go check your website traffic worth.

Fast SEO Plans Site Traffic Worth

Does Structure Affect Website Traffic Worth?

You've probably heard it but it's worth repeating.  Your website's structure plays a huge role in traffic.  Google can't properly rank your site if it doesn't know what the hell it's about.  It's that simple.

With today's WYSIWYG website builders, inexperienced owners often use header tags as a design tool.  Heading tags tell the search engines what your site is about.  Especially the H1 heading tag.  

However, site protection plays an important role as well.  You know what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about the little lock in your browser.  Google likes it and secondly, your users like it.

Additionally, big G doesn't like it and neither do your users, when your site is as slow as dial up.  For the younger crowd, dial up is like clicking a link and then waiting for someone to build a website.

Furthermore, your website needs to be clear with it's intent.  What is your website about?  What do you want visitors to do?  

Making Your Site Worth Traffic:

3 Ways To Improve Your Website Structure-


Check your site structure regarding your site's headings.

As a rule, you should only have one H1 tag.  Secondly, your H2's should be subheadings of your H1 and son on.  Not only will the headings tell G what your site's about but also will be easier for your users to scan for information. 


Ensure Your website is secured with an SSL, or secure socket layer. 

Having a SSL gives your users confidence in your trust.  It also lets them know you care about their information.  Big G likes secure sites and will likely rank them higher.  You can purchase one from your hosting provider.  Additionally, Let's Encrypt offers a free SSL here


Ensure your site is optimized to load quickly.

No one likes a slow site.  Especially, the newer generations.  Optimize your images, CSS  and scripts.  Use cache's, expired headers and possibly a CDN to increase your site speed.  You can check your site's speed at Pingdom.

Hurting For Targeted  Visitors:

First off, getting a shit ton of visitors is a good thing.  However, getting a bunch of bounces and no conversions straight up sucks.  What good are all the visitors if they don't produce your intended results?

For example, when I was in Bosnia in '96, a young kid sadly wanted my weapon so he could help defend his town.  At the time, I was a sergeant with 2/14th Infantry Battalion from the 10th Mountain division.

I told the kid it would take millions of dollars to get my firearm because I'd go to jail for a long time.  I assumed he would leave to never return.  Nope, he came back.  With him, millions of Bosnian dollars. 

Obviously, the money was worthless and no longer used.  Secondly, I would have never given it to him in the first place.

Just like all the money the kid had, massive volumes of visitors mean nothing if you can't cash in on them. 

The Solution:

3 Ways To Increase Targeted Traffic-


Ensure you perform quality keyword research for your topic.

Searching "SEO" with the big G will return 698 million results.  Secondly, searching "Fort Collins SEO" returns 3 million results.

If your company is related to SEO services in Fort Collins, why the hell would you want to compete with 698 million?  Your odds of ranking, greatly improve with the least amount of competition.

If you are more selective with your keywords, your bounce rate will likely improve.  The customers that find your site were searching exactly what your providing.  


You've got to market your content whether it's for show or sell.

If you are active in groups on Facebook, use Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, then you need to be posting regularly with links back to your content.

You can also use sites like Reddit.  Your copy will need to be spot on, but if it gets up-voted, you stand to get some serious traffic.   


Don't underestimate linking to your other internal content.

Look for opportunities to link internally to your other related content.  Firstly, it helps search engines to index all of your content.  Secondly, it will make for a better experience for your audience.

Two internal links that point to your cream of the crop content will be equivalent to one external link.  The more one article is linked to, the higher big G will perceive it.     

A Site Worth Traffic Creates and Provides Value:

Undoubtedly, you've seen websites where all they're interested in is your money. That's fine if your website is Amazon.

Besides, even Amazon presents value to it's audience.  Their website has reviews, complete descriptions, photos and related items.  As a result, they have created value by informing their customer to make an educated purchase.

People in general don't purchase from the small companies.  That is to say, most people purchase from another person.  Companies can be stiff, whereas people are allowed to be human.

It's this human aspect that can help you increase conversions.  If you don't know your customer and their needs, you're dead in the water.  You have to connect with them and give them what thy want... Value!

The Solution:

Become a Creator of Value-


Start working for your audience by giving them quality content with perceived value.

Are you just trying to sell to your audience?  Stop selling and start giving.  You have to build trust with your audience before you'll ever successfully sell to them. 

One of the easiest ways to build trust and instill confidence in your audience is to provide quality content.  By the same token, you don't have to give them everything.  Especially, if you are planning to sell to them.  After all, you're in this to make a living.  


Also, quit trying to oversell to your audience every time spent together. 

My wife and I can't stand dealing with car salesmen.  My point is, the damn truck will sell itself.  I don't need someone trying to oversell me.  Similarly, I feel the same way online.

Likewise, your audience will feel the same way.  Your letters will go unopened, your blogs will go unread and your sells will stay the same.  Stop overselling and start over-helping.  Help, help, help, sell, help, help, help..... 


Without a doubt, you have to embrace your audiences needs and wants.

Overall, you need to learn what your audience wants.  It's simple.  If you ask them, they will tell you.  As a result, your audience will feel more vested and will engage more with your site.  Not only will your audience be more engaged but you'll have unlimited blog ideas.


You can ask through emails, polls and comments on your blog post.  Another option is to search Quora to find what your audience is searching for.   

In summary, there are lot's of little things you can start doing to ensure you have a site worth traffic. Hopefully these nine easy, yet often overlooked tips will help you reach your maximum potential. If you liked this article, and want more information on ranking with the search engines, check out my post on search engine positioning.

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