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By fastseoplans

February 15, 2020

SEO Campaign – The 1st 30 Days

This blog series is all about increasing site ranking with the search engines. I started this SEO campaign a little over 3 weeks ago. Remember that the last post in this series showed Google had not ranked this site for my keywords, yet.

A solid SEO campaign is the key to increasing site ranking with Google and the other search engines. Knowing this, I started with the usual, time tested and proven strategies to start ranking with Google. Search for your self here.

This site is currently ranked 14 to 34 depending on the key words. The keyword “fast SEO plans” and “northern Colorado SEO plans” is ranking around number 14. For the keywords “northern Colorado SEO services” the site is ranked around 34. After the initial launch of my campaign we got the normal boost in rankings to 18 for “northern Colorado SEO services”.

Increasing Site Ranking - Fast SEO Plans Keyword Search 2-13-20

As you can see in the above snippet, the site hit the number 18 spot. This site’s ranking will continue to fluctuate for a while. This is a natural response as the search engines are trying to understand where the site belongs. As a result, the rankings will continue to swing up and down. Eventually the swinging rankings will settle out as I start to dominate for the keywords.

SEO = Increasing Site Ranking

To get your site ranking in the top tier of Google, you have to have a solid SEO plan. It is an easy, but labor and time intensive endeavor if you’re not familiar with the process. As a result of the complexity it’s often better to let someone manage your campaign.

If your site is a business, then you understand that time is money. A really good SEO campaign will require 20-40 hours per month to manage properly. That is time you could be spending on growing your customer base and growing your business.

Hiring a good SEO manager will relieve up to a week per month that you would otherwise be spending on marketing it yourself. That’s where I come in. I enjoy helping customer’s site rank higher and dominating their niche. If you would like to get a customized quote for your website, sign up for a free site analysis.

Are you wasting time and struggling to get found by paying customers that are looking for your product. Then you need to contact me to see how fast I am at increasing site ranking.



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I guess you could call me a husband, a father, an oil man, an entrepreneur and a Florida Gator fan. On the side, I’m just a regular guy that likes dominating the search engines rankings through smart SEO tactics.

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