Header Tags – How To Use Them Right!

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January 23, 2020

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SEO Tips To Help Your Site Rank Better-

Header Tags-

Header tags are important to getting your website ranked higher on the SERPs. Ranking higher all starts with the structure of your page.  Just as you are trying to present your information to your audience with a clear message, you must do the same when it comes to search engines.

Your website must be viewable and appealing to the user, whether its a human or Google, Bing, etc.  Website designers mistakenly use header tags as visual tools.  This is fine if you also consider the communication aspect with regards to the search engines.

Header tags come in a form of hierarchy like Roman numerals in an outline of a book or report.  The start from H1 being the highest to H6 being the lowest.  Website designers type header tags in HTML.

<h1>H1 header tag</h1>

<h2>H2 header tag</h2>, and so on down the line.

How the tags are displayed on the browser depends on the CSS, or cascading style sheet that either came with your theme, website or that you created.  The higher the tag is on the hierarchy, the larger the font. The larger font indicates its greater significance over the lower tags.

Jeep used to have a marketing slogan, “There’s Only One.”  The same can be said about the H1 tag as it is the most important tag on your website.

H1 Tag-

Think of going to a library or a Barnes & Noble and asking for a book but not knowing the title of the book.  That’s essentially what’s happening to the search engines when a website doesn’t use the H1 tag.  Think of the H1 tag as the title of a book.

Books must have a title.  What they don’t need is multiple titles.  There are plenty of websites on the web that have multiple H1 tags.  It might aesthetically look appealing to the human eye but, the search engines have no idea what your site is about.

The following image shows a website that I ran a high-level report on:

Fast SEO Plans - Too Many Header 1 Tags

You and I can get a pretty good idea what the site is about however Google is confused as to whether its about selecting a contractor, manufacturers & brands, or Colorado roofing experts.  Clarify exactly what your site is about, and it will rank higher in search pages.  It’s a must that you have your keyword or phrase in the H1 tag as well.

H2 Tags-

H2 tags are the next lower level tags in the hierarchy. These tags support the H1 tag.  This means that if your site’s H1 tag was Horse Care, for example, your H2 tags might be horse vaccinationshorse hooves carehorse teeth care etc.

The same can be said for the H3 through H6 tags as well.  In our example under the H2 tag horse hoovescare you might have H3 tags supporting it like trimming hooveshorse shooingfarrier and so on.

SEO, search engine optimization can be challenging if not overwhelming for the average website owner, however utilizing your header tags properly is an excellent start.  Make sure that your tags make sense and support their higher tag.  By keeping your tags organized, it will help the SERPs understand what your site is about. It will also look good to the human eye.

Woorank has some more in depth information if you’re still struggling with the concept of header tags.

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