Fort Collins SEO Guide For 2021

By fastseoplans

December 21, 2020

Fort Collins SEO, SEO Campaign

Fort Collins SEO Campaign

Your Fort Collins SEO Campaign Launch-

Why you need to launch your next Fort Collins SEO campaign the right way.

Imagine, you're about to launch your small business' website and can't wait to see all the traffic that starts coming in.  Because your website is gorgeous and products are in hot demand, it'll be a big success. 

Undoubtedly, launch day comes and you excitedly belly up to the laptop. Because you are a savvy website owner, your site has the free Google analytics installed, so you can check real-time visitor stats. 

Next, you log in to see all the visitors on your site [Que the cricket sounds].  Despite your best intentions, only a handful of faithful friends and customers show up to checkout your website.

First off, don't be discouraged.  Do you think you're the only one to have their website lost in the digital abyss?  Think again.  It happens to the majority of websites.  Secondly, it takes time to increase your search engine positioning.

Location Is Key With Any Business-

If you have a brick-n-mortar business, then you know location is key.  Similarly, an online business' location is just as important.  Your website needs to be on the first page of the Big G.

You're not going to be on the first page of the organic search results page right off. It takes time to reach the top rankings of the search engines. 

PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising 

However, you can place ads for a while on the front page of the search engines results pages until you show up under the organic search results.  With that being said, you better have your copy right and an expectation of success.

Placing ads can get expensive fast when you pay per click.  Therefore, maximize your clicks so you get something in return.  For example, have an opt-in page to capture their email in exchange for some perceived value item.  Think guide, checklist or eBook.

Even if you don't make the sell today, you have their email to make the sell happen through well written copy in your emails.

2 Easy Things To Boost Your Ranking Quickly

For the most part, a press release can give you a good boost in rankings and localized authority.  It may seem cheesy to order a press release for your new website.  Even so, your Fort Collins SEO campaign for the ages will get a good launch with one.

Secondly, correcting or submitting your citations will give you a huge localized SEO boost.  Obviously, you've seen the results on the Big G and seen the local results on the map pack.  That can be you once you get your citations right.  

There are companies that can submit your citations for you.  Nevertheless, you can do them yourself to save money.  Here is a list to get you started.

  1. 1
    Above all, ensure Your Website Has Your Business Name, Address, Phone Number and Email on it (link).
  2. 2
    Google My Business
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Apple Maps
  5. 5
    Yellow Pages
  6. 6
  7. 7

The list is not all inclusive but will get you headed in the right direction for getting your citations out on the web.

While your placing ads with the Big G and getting back-links from your citations and press release, you should start your "epic Fort Collins SEO campaign!"

An SEO campaign works better when you have a solid game plan.  This next list is a step by step system to kick off your campaign.  Not only will it get you ranking higher but also it will set you up for long-term success.

Fort Collins SEO Campaign Steps-

01 Identify Your Customers

You have to resonate with your audience.  What are they like?  What do they want and what are they looking for?  Until you get this part right you will struggle to find success.

You're a business owner.  As such, you should know your niche' and your audience's lingo.  Therefore, it should be easy for you to communicate with them. 

Next, identify your audience's problem.  For example, get on question and answer sites, read forums and groups on Facebook to see what your customers' problems are.

Because of your understanding of their problem, you will be the hero or heroine to solve it.  Consequently, you'll be providing great value to your audience.  As a result, gifting value creates trust, which opens the wallets!

02  Focus Of Your Website & Content Focus

When you're starting a website or creating content, you need to have an organized approach.  

Imagine walking into a football stadium with a ticket with only a seat number on it.  It would be chaos.  That's why stadium tickets are sold by level, section, row and lastly the seat number.

 With out the laser focused information on the ticket, you'd wonder aimlessly.  Likewise, this holds true to website and content development.  Visitors need to understand what your website is about with not much thought.

Society's attention span is in short supply.  They want to find the information they're searching for right now.  Lastly, they won't to be told where to go and what to do next.

As a content creator, it's your job to keep them focused and engaged.  Don't let them click away.  Show them where to go next. 

03 Identify Your Fort Collins SEO Competitors

This may seem obvious, but I'm not talking about the other business two blocks down College Avenue.  True, they maybe your competitor and you will probably find them online competing against you.

I'm talking about your competition to the keyword you're trying to rank for.  One more cool thing about Mangools is that you can dig deep into your competitor's website.  You can find how many back links they have, who is linking to them, domain and page authority, and how much content they have.

Using this information, you can dismantle their SEO strategy by bettering their content and dominating your keyword.  If you produce quality content, then you can still some of their links by blogger and webmaster outreach. 

04 Research Your Fort Collins SEO Keywords

I use Mangools tools to research my targeted keywords.  

Fort Collins SEO Roofing Search

When I sit down to start an SEO campaign, the first thing I do is brainstorm keyword ideas.  I perform searches and look at related searches to form a few keyword ideas.

Secondly, I use the Mangools tool to search related keywords and then start looking at search volumes.  Lastly, I look at how congested the web is and determine how hard it will be to rank for each keyword.

Mangools has a list builder feature where i store all of my keywords.  I add all of the keywords that have a decent amount of traffic and low competition.

Once your domain authority and page authority increases to a level where I can compete, I'll start adding the next difficulty level to my keyword list.

05 Check Your Website's On-page SEO 

On page SEO is basically setting up your website and it's content in a logical fashion to help the search engines understand what your website is about and most importantly make them like your site.

The more the search engines like your site, the higher they will rank your site, which in turn allows more visitors to find your site.

Here is a small punch list that you can use to check your on page SEO.   This is a bullet list and will be covered in depth in future posts.

-Spider Friendly 

When setting up your website or publishing content, you need to be sure that search engines can find it.  The easier you make your website for the spider bots to crawl, the more of your site will be indexed.

To check whether the search engines have indexed your main content you can use the Google's search console or simply use a site search.  If some of your main content is missing you made need to look at your no-index settings for that content. 

-Content Structure

Content structure is key to users being able to find what they're looking for fast.  For example, your visitor should be able to find all of your content within three clicks of the mouse.

Consequently, this same strategy helps the search spiders crawl and index more of your site.

Likewise, on content structure, your header tags need to be correct in order to help search engines understand what your site is about.

-Website Speed

We've all heard the saying, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  Certainly that statement applies to website load time.  In other words, potential visitors will bounce away if your site loads slowly.

Todays internet users demand fast and responsive websites.  By increasing your site speed, you will not only make visitors happy, but the search engines will reward you for it.

You can check your site speed and get tips to help increase your speed at Pingdom.  It's free to test your site.

-Mobile Responsive

Your website needs to be viewable on all smart devices.  More and more web traffic is over mobile smart phones.  This trend will only increase.  If your website is not mobile responsive, then you're losing customers.

Similarly, the big G changed their algorithm in '15 to hammer websites that weren't mobile responsive.  Until your website is mobile responsive, the search engines will penalize your search engine rankings.

Check your website here for mobile responsiveness.

-Secure Website

You must have a secure site whether you're selling something or not. People are well aware of the little lock in the address bar.  It's cheap enough and it's pretty much required anyways.

The search engines will ding a site without a SSL.  Buy one.  Enough said.

-Image Optimized

Optimize your images with a plugin or some type of gzip for faster load times.  Gzip is basically a file compressor that enables the image to appear faster.  As a result, search engines rank your site better.

Most importantly, your visitors will have a better user experience.

Using a lazy load will help as well.  Lazy load only downloads the images required to display the web page above the fold.  As the user scrolls down, it displays the images as needed. 

-Optimized For Keywords

Your keywords should be in the title tag, headers, body and anchor text of your links at a minimum.  Image alt text, image tags, video titles and meta tag description are other great places to add your keywords. 

Don't keyword stuff your content.  Write to your audience in a natural flow and feel.  Keyword stuffing will get your website slapped by big G.

Keyword density of 1-3%, if natural sounding, should be enough. 


-Targeted Content

Perform a search of what problems your audience has on forums and other question and answer sites.  Use keywords and perform a search to determine whether you can compete with them using a tool like Mangools.

Save the harder keywords for after your domain authority has increased.

Create a list of keywords and   

06 Develop A Reasonable Content Strategy 

You need to develop a realistic and effective content strategy for your website.  

-Set Realistic Expectations

So, what is a realistic and effective content strategy?  A good content strategy will be one that you can stick to.  If you know you can't publish content more than once a week and can't afford to outsource your articles then don't plan to publish 3 times a week.

Setting realistic expectations from the beginning will keep your spirits up and self-imposed pressure down.

-Choose Your Content Medium

As far as content goes, it can be in multiple mediums.  If your good at writing then blog.  I've got a face made for radio so I don't do videos. However, if your good on camera, then a YouTube channel maybe your thing.

Similarly, social media is another medium that you can use to attract visitors to your site.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter can reach tons of potential clients.  If you already use these apps then this might be a great opportunity to use them.

-Choose Quality Content Over Quantity

Above all, provide quality information and solve your visitor's problems with the content you publish.  You will develop a relationship with your visitors when you provide good quality information that they couldn't find anywhere else.

-Don't Oversell Your Audience

Most importantly, don't try and sell them on something every time you publish content.  Likewise, this holds true with email subscribers as well.  I personally like to publish at a ratio of 5/1.  For example, publish 5 times with quality information for every 1 time that you offer a product or service.

-Prioritize Your Content

Strategize your actual content pieces into a sort of triage.  I break my content into three categories to include primary, secondary and updates. For example, primary is the very best content that I can muster.

Primary content is supported by secondary content pieces with links to the primary content.  The secondary content still provides the knowledge that your visitors are searching for. 

The update content is generally used for updates to older posts.  For instance, I may have posted on a new SEO strategy that I was trying and the update will of course link to the older secondary post.   

In conclusion, develop a content strategy that works best for you and stick with it.  The more of these different mediums you can use, the better.  If your budget allows, outsource the mediums that you're not familiar with or don't have the time for.    

07 "Stickativity" Is the Key To Winning In SEO

"Stickativity" is a word I use a lot.  It means to commit and stick it out until the end.  If you develop a content strategy, then stick to it.  No excuses.

Ask yourself this, "How bad do I want this?"  If your answer is anything less than pretty damn bad, then you're probably in the wrong business.  At the least, you need to outsource your content creation.

I have had good luck outsourcing work to Fiverr.  Upwork is another choice that gives you a little more control.  That being said, I've never personally used Upwork yet.

Outsource or create your own content.  Above all, keep your content generation machine working.  Results won't come overnight but they will come if you continue to create value with quality content.

With out a doubt, "stickativity" is the key to online success. 

08 Start Developing Your Website's Off-page SEO 

Back links are critical to your success.  As you create more content, organic backlinks will start to come in.  At first it may seem slow and it usually is.

One technique you can use is to find who is linking to your competitor's content.  Publish content that is along the same lines, but laser focused, value creating and lengthier.  

Next, reach out to the blogger or webmaster and share your content with them.  Let them know that you found their content and that you wrote something more detailed that might be a better value to their audience than your competitors content that they're currently linking to.

It may work or it may not.  Keep trying with multiple websites.  Someone will take you up on your offer.

Another option could be guest blogging, where you produce content for another website with a link back to your website.  It cost nothing but time.

Lastly, everywhere you post.... post your link if links are allowed.  Forums, chats, other sites like Medium and comments sections on other blogs can be a great way to get backlinks.

A press release as stated earlier can give your website a good boost for quite a while with a flood of backlinks.  This technique  works well with new launches, products, events and services.

The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your domain authority and page authority will climb.


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