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December 21, 2020


May 15, 2020


May 11, 2020


Increase Your Site Ranking with Fast SEO Plans-

Fort Collins SEO Services

What is SEO and why do you need it?

It’s a fact that 96% of all clicks go to the 1st page of Google and other search engines like Bing etc.  If your website is not ranking on the first page, your losing potential customers and 96% of the money being spent in your market.  If you truly want to scale your business and increase your total sales, you’ve got to get your website ranking in the top tier on the SERP or search engine ranking pages.


87% of all clicks go to organic results.  What are organic results?  It’s clicks on links that customers have found while searching the web.  The other 13% are clicked by links from other websites or typed in browsers by the customer that already knows the address.  Another reason why your website needs to be ranked at the top.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of adjusting your website to help search engines find it.  The process helps them understand what your website is about and why and how it creates value to the customer.  It also is a process of building trust with the engines.  The more trustworthy a site is, the higher it will rank.  All these factors are key to ranking higher and converting more customers.


How you optimize your site is critical.  If you go about it the wrong way it will never rank high.  In a worst-case scenario, it could get targeted as spam and receive the feared death sentence from major search engines.  This is where I come in.  I can get it ranking dramatically higher in a short time without the risk of being blackballed.

Dedicated SEO Service-

When you allow me to manage your campaign, I’m dedicated to your success.  This means that I don’t take on every client.  If I already have a client in your niche and your geographical location, then it wouldn’t be ethical for me to take on another client just for the sake of getting paid. 

Simply put, I’m not like the other money first, marketing companies.  I enjoy getting my client’s website ranking higher than the competitors’ just as much as I like getting paid.  Who doesn’t like to win?


I only take on a maximum of 5 new clients per month with no exceptions.  This allows me the time to focus on jump-starting their campaigns which is time consuming for the first month.  Likewise, if after performing an audit and I don’t think I can help your site, then I won’t take it on.


If it works out and I take charge of your campaign, then you are in good hands with a dedicated SEO manager that guarantees your ranking will dramatically increase. 

I won’t stop until we dominate for your keywords.  If I don’t dramatically increase your visibility in the web directories, then I don’t want your money.  Simple as that.


I don’t sucker you into long term contracts.  We go month to month.  If you like the increased revenue, then keep me on board. If not, we will part as friends.  No worries.  

As a client, you will receive a monthly report showing your ranking increase along with proof of work on why you’re getting higher rankings and more importantly your money’s worth.

SEO services for northern Colorado & beyond-

I live in the Fort Collins area but, I can and do manage campaigns all over the country.  If your website is lacking in the rankings and you would like to increase your organic search and more importantly income, contact me.  Don’t let location hold you back. 

Although I live in northern Colorado and love it, I can manage an account in Miami, Florida just the same as managing one in Barrow, Alaska.  That’s the beauty of the internet.


If your business is in the northern Colorado area and you’re interested in meeting to discuss how fast I can get your team’s page to rank higher, I’d be happy to set up a time to visit your office.  I work from home and travel.  Therefore I'm not open to the public. 

Why Choose Me As Your SEO Consultant?

The better question is, why wouldn't you hire me.

Fast SEO Plans

  • I'm dedicated to your success.  I'll only take on one niche per geographical location.  To ensure full dedication, I only take on five new clients per month.  Period.  
  • My fees are totally flexible to meet your needs.  I don't believe in charging business owners for something they don't need.
  • My affordable SEO packages are monthly.  I don't trap you into a long term contract.
  • I'm brutally honest and fully transparent.  You get a proof of work and website analysis monthly.
  • I perform continual targeted keyword research to help your site's traffic increase.
  • I promise to get your site ranking as high as possible.  Some niches and locations are extremely competitive.
  • I'm more of a teach a man to fish type of guy.  I'll teach you how to maintain your site and continue to improve your SEO score by yourself once I have you ranking. 
  • Why?  I already make a good living.  I'm just ready for the next challenge once I'm done with your website.  Truthfully, I charge because I value my time but I don't need your money to live comfortably. 

Other SEO Companies

  • Other companies will take on multiple businesses in the same niche and geographical area.  They only care about your money.
  • Most SEO companies have set pricing with a set package.  Their different packages are usually a one size fits all.
  • Most internet marketing companies will lock their customers into long term contracts.
  • Some search engine optimization companies will give you monthly website analysis but, rarely show a proof of work.
  • Most often than not, these same companies will ask what keywords you want and that's it.
  • Most other companies will promise you the absolute top ranking in Google.  Usually they under deliver.
  • The other guys and gals will keep you in the dark with their SEO strategy at the in depth level.  They will talk with big words to you in the dark and impress.
  • Why?  Because they make a living off your continued payments.  It make absolutely no sense to teach you when you're paying them month to month.  If you had a check coming in every, would you throw it away?  

Fast SEO Plans - A Different Kind Of SEO Company 

I truly care about your success online.  I'm totally committed to your SEO campaign from start to finish.  If you're in the need of SEO services, then contact me through the contact page and we'll set up a free consultation.  By submitting your information, it will give me a chance to review your site before we meet for your consultation. 

Local SEO Services-

Fast SEO Plans Benefits

  • Fort Collins
  • Loveland
  • Greeley
  • Denver Area
  • Boulder
  • Cheyenne
  • Laramie
  • Dedicated SEO Manager
  • Quick return on your investment
  • Monthly SEO report
  • Monthly Proof of Work
  • Drastically improve your site ranking
  • Get more leads & convert to customers
  • Quality white-hat SEO tactics

Other really good SEO and Marketing Information Websites-

For the best hosting service or to purchase a domain name, check out A2 Hosting.  I have been using them with great success.

About Me.

I’m just a regular guy that likes dominating the search engines rankings through smart SEO tactics.  My mission is to dominate the rankings for my clients’ niche fast so they get a quick return on their investment. I enjoy helping businesses dominate their niche.